What is Vasershape?

VaserShape is a non-surgical procedure for losing fat. VaserShape uses a combination of ultrasonic therapy to smooth the appearance of cellulite and melt away fat!

The way VASER shape works is it’s a combination therapy using ultrasound therapy and lymph massage. What that basically means is that the lymph massage opens up your lymphatic system first to help let the toxins and fat cells out once they’re broken up. Once the massage has happened you begin phase two of the treatment which is the ultrasound therapy. By using a double beam of low frequency ultrasound energy the VASER shape essentially generates localized heat that melts or breaks up the fatty tissue. After the fat is disrupted, it dies (so to speak) and then the body gets rid of it naturally.

What areas can be treated on the body?    
Upper and lower abdomen, Upper arm, Flanks(love handles), Inner thighs, Outer thighs (saddle bags), Buttocks (consultation required), Hips, Knees

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